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Why did my credit card transaction fail?

There are several reasons why your Visa card deposit may fail. The most common reasons include insufficient funds on your card, exceeding your credit limit, submitting incomplete or incorrect information, entering an incorrect CVV2 security number, or your credit card issuer does not authorize Internet gaming transactions. Please ensure that the name, address, and telephone number you provide match the details on your credit card company’s records. If your card deposit fails, you may want to try using a different credit card or selecting a different deposit option.

Another reason why a credit card deposit may fail is because you have reached your deposit limit for the day, week, or month, as set by the deposit limit you have on your account. If you have reached your deposit limit, you will need to wait until the limit resets or select a different deposit option. It’s important to note that deposit limits can be set by the player to control their spending and promote responsible gambling.

Latest update: March 24, 2023