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What is Maestro Debit/Credit Card?

Maestro is a debit card service owned by Mastercard. It operates similarly to other debit cards, allowing you to make purchases and withdraw cash from ATMs worldwide. However, unlike credit cards, Maestro cards are linked to your bank account, and the transactions are processed immediately, deducting the amount from your available balance. Maestro cards can be used for both online and offline transactions, and are accepted at millions of locations globally.

  1. Convenience: Maestro cards allow you to make payments and withdraw cash from ATMs around the world, making it a convenient payment option for travelers and online shoppers.
  2. No interest charges: As a debit card, Maestro does not charge interest on purchases or cash withdrawals, helping you avoid high credit card interest rates.
  3. Secure transactions: Maestro uses advanced security measures such as EMV chip technology and SecureCode for online transactions, ensuring that your payments are secure and protected from fraud.
  4. Easy access to your funds: Maestro debit cards are linked to your bank account, giving you easy access to your funds anytime, anywhere.
  5. Rewards: Some Maestro debit cards come with reward programs that offer cashback, discounts, and other perks for using your card.

Overall, Maestro debit cards provide a safe, convenient, and cost-effective way to make payments and manage your finances.

Latest update: March 27, 2023